Monday, 14 April 2014

C G Jung

 Carl Gustav Jung,
Your praises are rarely sung
In the circles of Freudians.
(But they're not really your audience.)

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite days of the year: all that scurrying, secrecy and a year’s worth of repressed desire being expressed through stationery!  How can one fail to love it?
However, as with all festivities, I feel it is best appreciated without the distraction of other people.  But, before I go, here is a poem for the occasion:


Sometimes when I feel melancholy and low
I go out and feed the lovers in the park
And, reclining by the avenue,
I watch the ducks go strolling two by two
And then come home when it gets dark.

They have been in the park now many a day,
Those longing lovers who mutter “Welladay!”
So they are grateful for my snacks.
For it turns out a bitter thing, this sex,
And far more complicated than anyone ever expects.

“One cannot live long on love alone,”
I tell the lovers, “nor can one sup on sighs,
Nor feed too deep on your beloved’s peerless eyes.
If it’s food you want, you should go on home.”

But the pallid, lingering lovers make no reply.  “Alack!”
They sigh, “Alack!  Ah, woe betide!  Alas!  Alack!”
Apart from toast, they need no solace;
To my good advice, they are oblivious.
It is like water off a lover’s back.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Some Decisive Moments and other Nonsense

In Pisgah, where I planted my foot:

 (Luckily, I planted it next to a shoe-tree.)

In Shiloh, where I took my stand:

(Then took it away again, having found nothing to put on it.)

I have of late also been looking into the expressive possibilities of Cubist portraiture.

Here is Picasso's picture of Ambroise Vollard feeling a bit edgy.

Wishing all Hawkers and Potters a merry 2014!

Monday, 23 December 2013

The Christmas Cheer

On Christmas Eve’s eleventh hour
All is hushed in wood and tower.
Birds shiver in the evergreen
But ye, who by the window lean,
Yes, ye who sit upon the sill,
Oh bend your ears until, until
You hear it fleeting through the air:
Hurrah!  Hurrah!
The Christmas Cheer!

On Christmas Eve’s eleventh hour
The snow lies on the ground like flour:
The Pastry Cook who lives Above
Shook it down through his great sieve.
And ye, who sit upon the sill
Shall hear a roaring from the hill,
Shall hear a rumbling from afar,
Shall hear it softly drawing near:
Hurrah!  Hurrah!
The Christmas Cheer!

Midnight is close and in their beds
Children lift their sleeping heads
And whisper soft:  Hurrah!  Hurrah!
As through the myriad of snows
Lilting, lifting as it goes,
It comes, that song from olden times,
Mingling with the midnight chimes
Hurrah!  Hurrah!
That now ring out for all to hear
Both near and far, and far and near,
Hurrah!  Hurrah!
The Christmas Cheer!


And may I wish a Merry Christmas to all you good Hawkers and Potters out there!

Saturday, 14 December 2013


Well, of the four Hawker's Pot goat-themed Christmas cards this year, this one has been the runaway seller (leaving Scrooge and his nocturnal goaty visitants in its cloven-hooved wake):

Inside, needless to say, it says "Meh-rry Christmas."

I will be peddling these in Stroud and Bristol over the next two weekends.  On Sunday 15th December I will have my suitcase open at Dennis Gould's Open Studio and Letterpress Workshop on Gloucester Street in Stroud (by the Star Anise Cafe) between 10 and 4.  Dennis's workshop is always worth visiting, so it's a real pleasure to have been invited along with my suitcase. 

The cards are also available in the Made In Stroud shop.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Three Booklets and Some Bleating Christmas Cards

The Hawker’s Pot suitcase will be out this weekend in Stroud with various new goodies in its compartments.  These will include:
goat-themed Christmas cards

as well as three new booklets, containing illustrated poems about the mysterious hawker:
The Hawker's Pot Song
The Hawker by the Sea
The Hawker in Autumn.

I will  be at the Lansdown Arts Fair on Saturday (10-4 in the Lansdown Hall) and then at the Stroud Sunday Market (10 till 3).  
(The set of three booklets costs £18.  If it should so happen that you do not live in Stroud, Gloucestershire, but would like to purchase a set, please drop me a line via email and I will arrange to send one out to you.)