Tuesday 9 October 2018

The Elephant in the Summer House

Over the last six months I have been labouring under the conviction that what magazines REALLY want to publish are cartoons on the theme of “the elephant in the room”.
It turns out that I have been entirely mistaken in this belief.
But here’s another one to show that I’m not scared of mentioning it:

Of course, no-one’s mentioning the suitcase in the summer house either, but here’s a (rather belated) picture of it anyway, full of my books and cards at Crafts Alive: The Gloucestershire Guild at Rodmarton Manor at the beginning of September:

And if you came to Crafts Alive but didn’t get to the end of the Puzzle Trail here’s what was waiting for you. (Um, the answers and a free postcard.) Thank you to Deborah Roberts for the two lovely photos. 

And here’s the Summer House itself (thanks to Bob Fry for the photo). You see, you couldn’t fit an elephant in there, could you?

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