Sunday 24 January 2016

Relationship (S)tresses

And don’t forget, Miserable Malcolm will be headlining Angie Belcher’s Southbank Speakeasy night at the Southbank Club, on Dean Lane in Bedminster, Bristol, this Thursday night. He’ll no doubt have something to say about what a cheerful place Bristol has become since he left.  Entry is £3 and the night starts at 8pm.  More information here.

Sunday 17 January 2016

The Monks Fight Back

 Two forthcoming dates for Miserable Malcolm:
If January hasn’t got to you enough by then, Miserable Malcolm will be down in Bristol on Thursday 28th January, headlining Angie Belcher’s Southbank Speakeasy poetry night in Bedminster with a 25 minute set.  The venue is the Southbank Club on Dean Lane, the night starts at 7.30pm and entry is £3.
Then on Friday February 12th, Miserable Malcolm and Uta Baldauf are putting on another “Unlucky in Love” pre-Valentine’s Night of Woe at Stroud Valleys Artspace on John Street.  If you enjoyed  our “Lonely this Christmas” event, the format is the same but with the miseries of love as the theme.  People are invited to bring their poems, true stories and teenage diaries along to read in the open mic’ which Miserable Malcolm will compere (while complaining about lovelessness in his usual graceless way). Later on, Uta will give a performance.  As it is a John Street Social night, there will also be music, a bar and plentiful opportunities to mingle with other sad souls.  The night starts at 8pm and is free (£1 membership).