Wednesday 28 February 2018

A Poet! At last!

In other news, Miserable Malcolm has returned from his pleasant trip to the Blue Walnut Cafe in Torquay for Big Poetry and will be performing in Stroud this Saturday at Mr Fluffypunk’s Pennygaff. 
He’ll be supporting the incredible Rob Auton who will be performing the whole of “The Hair Show” – hair being a topic very close to Miserable Malcolm’s head – and the wonderful Tina Sederholm. (Tickets £10, £8.50 advance. More details here.)
Then on Thursday 8th March he’ll be over in Cheltenham at the Bottle of Sauce in a preview night Uncorked for the CheltenhamPoetry Festival (and which is free).

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day. Love and Poetry!

I have recently been reading a book on the Victorian language of flowers, which seems frankly fraught with dangers. So here are some suggestions for your Valentine’s bouquet:

“These leaves in their sweet fragrance remind me of yourself.”
“Your attentions are unwelcome.”
“How radiantly lovely you are!”
“I have put aside worldly thoughts and shall never marry.”
White Campion:
“Meet me at dusk!”
Yellow Rose:
“I love another.”
“I regret my impetuousness. Do not take me too seriously …”

Wishing everyone all the best luck this Valentine’s!