Friday 17 May 2013

Not So Quiet on the Western Front

Last weekend’s Open Studios was very busy here at Hawker’s Pot with over 200 visitors who came up the creaking staircase.  Many thanks to all who came.
I’ll be open again this weekend (18th – 19th May) between 11am and 6pm on each day.  I am exhibiting paintings, 
 and nonsense verse.  So please do come if you can! (Directions are here.)
The Hawker’s Pot suitcase will be in attendance, fully stocked with all 28 postcards.
The Hawker’s Pot gift packs are back (2 different sets of 14 cards, including some Algernon Swift stories slipped in as a sneaky extra).  
 These are £9 each and make ideal presents for old friends who may become enemies for life.  "The Hawker's Pot Song",“Barrelina” and “A Brush with Death” are also available, along with assorted books.
Finally, there is a specially offer on greetings cards (3 for £5).  Why would you stay away?

 (This will be the last time I will be opening this lovely studio, as I will be moving out next month before the building’s refurbishment.  So please do come and have a look!)

Wednesday 1 May 2013

News from Hawker’s Pot

All has been quiet of late here in the halls of Hawker’s Pot as I have been in a small back room busily preparing new postcards to sell from the Hawker’s Pot suitcase.  Here is one of the thirteen new designs:

(Hawkers and Potters of long standing and good memories may remember the joke from some years ago.)
The suitcase will be making its first outing this year on this Saturday, 4th May, as part of the Site Festival opening night at Stroud Valleys Artspace on John Street.  I will be there between 7 and 9pm.
On the weekends 11-12th and 18-19th May, my studio at SVA will be open with a fully stocked suitcase of cards as part of the Site Festival Open Studios weekends.  I will also be showing paintings, drawings and nonsense verse including this sort of thing, a misdirected version of "My mother said I never should":

My mother said I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood.

My father said I didn’t oughter
Play with the mermaids in the water

And when I asked my Aunty whether
I could play with the fairies in the heather

She said I’d really better not
Play with them,  a desperate lot.

They said they’d rather that I didn’t.
But, then again, I never listened:

I played with the gypsies on the heath,
I played up above and far underneath

And then I kissed them, one two three!
Tell mother I’ll be back for tea

(And the one who comes back will be a lot like me).

In other news:
Hawker’s Pot cards are now also for sale (from a natty little day-case) among the assorted delights in the Made In Stroud shop on Kendrick Street.