Saturday 25 August 2018

Upcoming Fun at Rodmarton Manor and Cartoons in Private Eye

I have spent the last few weeks writing and illustrating a Puzzle Trail around Rodmarton Manor, an extraordinary Arts and Crafts house near Cirencester. The Puzzle Trail will be part of an event called Crafts Alive: The Gloucestershire Guild at Rodmarton Manor which takes place between Wednesday 5th and Sunday 9th September, and includes exhibitions by makers from the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen and others, workshops, talks and a puppet show. There is also a Jousting Tent (but I’m not sure how much jousting will be going on it). Tickets are £8 and available here and on the door. There's more information here .

Rodmarton Manor is an amazing house, built between 1909 and 1929, and one of the last country houses in Britain to be built and furnished entirely by hand by local craftsmen using local stone and timber. As part of my research, I was lucky to be taken around the house and gardens by historian Mary Greensted and have my attention brought to many unusual details and interesting stories connected to the house.
The Puzzle trail is a leaflet that you can pick up by the door for free and is full of little drawings and rhyming clues like this:

Many thanks to Liz Lippiatt and The Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen for inviting me to do this. Do come along to the exhibition if you're in the area (and try your wits on the Puzzle Trail!)
Here’s my page in the brochure, including one of my gardening cartoons:

I’ve recently had some more cartoons in Private Eye (numbers 1474, 1475, 1476). Here's one of them, set 250 million years ago:

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