Thursday 31 March 2016

Classic Fiction

The Site Festival starts this Saturday (April 2nd) in Stroud and features Simon Munnery, film makers and artists Andrew Kötting and Luke Fowler and all manner of exhibitions (including the excellently titled “Remembering Jelly”).  The full brochure is available online here. 
As part of the Site Festival, Miserable Malcolm and Uta Baldauf will once again be putting on Miserable Poets’ Cafe, the Open Mic’ night solely for depressing poems.  You are invited to bring your most miserable poems (and songs and diary entries) and  share them with an audience of similarly sad souls. Malcolm will be on hand to compere and hand out terrible prizes.  The night takes place at Stroud Valleys Artspace on Sunday 17th April at 8pm.  Entry is £4 and performers get in free. (More details here on Facebook.)
And later on in the Festival, Miserable Malcolm will be interviewed by Elvis (Joe Reeve) and a psychiatrist (Shiraz Akoo) at “Elvis Hosts the John Street Social Club”. Who knows what revelations will ensue?  This is on Friday 29th of April, is also at SVA and is free (£1 membership on the door).

Thursday 10 March 2016

The Fast Asleep and the Furious

Next week:
“Sleeping Furiously” with Noam Chomsky.

*  *  *
Also, before we all drift off to angry sleep again, here are two new Hawker’s Pot greetings cards that are currently on sale in Made In Stroud (and a few other places in the near future. Details to follow.)