Wednesday 28 November 2012

Two Books


Algernon Swift is enjoying Kierkegaard’s existential classic about choosing a paddle (and it not really mattering which one you choose because you’re up sh*t creek anyway).  

(Either Oar)
Algernon Swift sits on a hard chair and reads the latest sensational novel.  The first thing he notices is a dryness in his mouth as he starts to read.  Then, as the exciting plot develops, he experiences a tightness at the pit of his stomach, but after an hour or more this gives way to a tiredness in his eyes and a dull ache in his backside. 
He puts the book down and stands up, and discovers that he has lost all sensation in that part of his anatomy.
(“But, pray, what book is he reading?” you ask. 
Answer: a popular erotic novel, slightly censored and now entitled Fifty Dashes of Grey.)

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