Friday 19 February 2016

In Bluebeard's Castle

This cartoon is rather heavily influenced by the comics of the Kate Beaton for whose work I am overwhelmed by enthusiasm at the moment. (If you haven’t seen her skewed perspectives on history and more, have a look at the wonderful Hark! A Vagrant.)
Unfortunately, it is also influenced by my own problematic attitude to putting the recycling out.
(Also, I’m not sure why Bluebeard thinks he has to kill her in this scenario. To be honest, I put it in because that’s the only character note I’ve got on him.)
* * * *
In other less uncertain news, Miserable Malcolm returns twice in the next few weeks.
First,  Malcolm reprises his role as “Miserable Malcolm in First World War Uniform” in First World War football truce extravaganza “Trenchcoats for Goalposts” at Kingshill House Arts Centre in Dursley on Saturday 27th February at 8pm. More information here.
Then Malcolm returns with his one man show “Graveside Manner” on March 2nd at the Little Vic on Gloucester Street, Stroud, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6. This is part of the new Laugh Out Stroud Comedy Festival which also features Mitch Benn, Fanfare of Strumpets and Chris Head’s Stand Up Showcase. More information on Graveside Manner here and the Laugh Out Stroud festival here.

And, finally, here's a photo of Miserable Malcolm communing with Mavis's wind-up revolving musical ashtray at our Unlucky in Love night last Friday -- a moment that was moving in more ways than one. (Thanks to Simon Gunn for the photograph.)


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