Sunday 25 January 2015

A Gloomy Poet at the Muffin Man: Review and Photos

Here’s a lovely review of my performance as the Gloomy Poet at the Muffin Man in Cheltenham on Thursday night (from the Gloucestershire Echo online).  It’s enough to put a smile on a person’s face.
(Hidden extra: if you click forward on the photo above the article, there’s an excellent one of some of the audience looking miserable, coincidentally under a poster saying “HAPPY DAY”.)
And here are some photos of me looking thoroughly gloomy (while being unwittingly upstaged by my own hair) taken before the show by Daniel Day for the Gloucestershire Echo.  I have rarely looked more miserable!
Many thanks to both Aled and Daniel, and to Anna Saunders for putting the night on.  
And, finally, here is an entertaining write-up of my (so-far-frankly-tentative) 'misery tour' of happiness hotspots from the WriteOutLoud website:

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