Wednesday 7 May 2014

In Glooming May

For I have tried
The wardrobe door and looked inside
And seen the souls of all who’ve died.

And I have looked beneath the bed
And seen the multitudes of dead.

And I have looked beneath the doormat
And seen their everlasting torment.
                *                   *                   *

Open Studios weekends in Stroud, Saturdays and Sundays 10th -11th and 17th-18th May 2014

For Open Studios this year I will be showing a series of vintage photographs accompanied by gloomy poems (as above).
This show will take place in the Weaving Shed, 29 High Street, Stroud, and is generously being hosted by weaver, artist, traveller, raconteuse and mistress of the spoons, Sally Hampson.
I will also be doing ten-minute performances as my gloomy poetic alter-ego, reading poems with titles such as Things Will Be Better in the Grave and Things Will Be Quieter in the Tomb.  These performances will take place at 12.10, 2.10 and 4.10pm on each day.
In addition the Hawker’s Pot suitcase will be in attendance, stuffed to the brim with puns. 
Overall, I hope your visit  will leave you with the following sentiment entrenched in your mind:

Full Open Studios catalogue here
More information about the Site Festival here

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